Wall Mural Art





The Dallas Symphony


The Dallas Symphony approached us to design a new logo to mark the beginning of a new era in Dallas. They wanted the logo to be simple and contemporary to stand the test of time.



This was a brand exercise to explore the possibilities of a new logo for Hawkeye before merging with Publicis. Nothing ever became of the logo but there were some nice designs nonetheless.



TruConnect is a nationwide company born out of a merger of several small independent telecom companies. They came to us to design a new logo to represent their new mission of providing simple and inexpensive telecom service to the masses.

Soluna @ The Dallas Symphony


The Dallas Symphony approached us to name and design a new logo for their annual International Music and Arts Festival held in the month of May in the Dallas Arts District. The name is a combination of the latin words for ”sun” and ”moon” because the festival takes place from dusk to dawn.

Imagine Engine Media


Imagine Engine Media is a new print/digital/broadcast production company where they turn conceptual ideas into visual reality. Affectionally known as "Visual T(h)inkerers", the company asked for a new corporate ID design and website.